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In Praise of Polo Shirts

With our Summertime fast approaching, we thought it would be perfect timing to do a post on the Polo Shirt. It is loved by men around the world and we salute it! So where did it come from and how has it become what it is today? The Polo Shirt is seen as one of the... read more

Building Your Wardrobe

Have you ever walked past ‘that guy’ in the street, the one that makes everyone turn and look as he swooshes by in his impeccable Saville Row suit, silk tie, Thomas Pink shirt and Church’s shoes. Have you ever wondered how he manages to hold himself so well in a... read more

#3PG’s A-list Style for Affordable Prices

Why do we all deserve affordable style? I have always been a fan of style; snappy dressing and sharp suits bring a smile to my face. Style is increasingly becoming synonymously associated with expensive designer brands, one-off bespoke items and celebrity backed... read more

How to Shop in the Summer Sales

The Art of Sale Shopping Sale shopping is, like most things in life, an art which takes practice and time to get good at. There will be ups, and there will be downs, but eventually you will get there and become a master, which in some respects, is similar to the... read more

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