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Common Courtesy

Despite its age, power and charm, common courtesy is found wanting in society. In fact, common courtesy has been distinctly lacking in any society since the term was coined. From Chapuys, who wrote to his imperial masters in the sixteenth century, common courtesy was... read more

The Kindness of Strangers – From the Desk of #1PG

One of the reasons we started The Perfect Gentleman was to bring about a resurgence of what we refer to as ‘The Commons’, in other words; Common Courtesy, Common Decency, Common Sense among them. The last one we think we will always struggle with but at least we can... read more

Countering that ‘White Van Man’ Tendency

As I sit here this morning in the middle of my house move, in a rented white van, it came to me to think about the way we drive. Driving a white van leads you down that path, familiar to most road users of the over testosterone infused driver who disregards many of... read more

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