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First World War

2 Minutes of 1914 Style

2 minutes of silence 2 minutes of reflection, 2 minutes of sorrow, 2 minutes of thanks. That is all most give for the ultimate sacrifice of man, woman and child during the Great War. We give up 2 of the 525,949 minutes that make up our year, in my mind this is not... read more

Artists of the First World War

Following our spotlight on British war poets, we will now take a look at three great British war artists; Stanley Spencer, David Bomberg, and Paul Nash. Stanley Spencer (1891-1959) was a man of strong Christian faith and focused on recreating Biblical scenes through... read more

Ten Ways for a Gentleman to Explore the First World War from his Armchair

Thanks to film (and Commando magazine for boys), our artistic view of the Second World War is likely to be action-focused and rather heroic – black and white in more senses than one. The First World War is different: perhaps it’s something to do with the... read more

Poets of the First World War

The First World War inspired some of the most powerful artistic works that man has ever created. Their potency comes from the fact that the artists and poets experienced first hand the horror, tragedy and violence of war, imbuing their works with emotive, heartfelt... read more

The End of an Era: coming to terms with the First World War

The end of the old order was marked most starkly in the face of one man: an elegant face, austere above the stiff collar, that had thought personal tragedy the worst that could happen and then, in the summer of 1914, found the whole world dying. In defining the epochs... read more

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