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Top 10 Tips on How to Lose the Christmas Weight

You have enjoyed a calorie-filled festive season with plenty of helpings of mince pies, mulled wine, Christmas cake (and pudding with brandy butter), chocolates, and probably many other festive treats. Now you are looking at the waistline and noticing a bulge that... read more

Uncle Henry: Perils of the Changing Room

Question: Dear Henry, As an aspiring Gentleman I am doing my best in aspects of style, manners and other things that you mention. One thing that makes me see red is the really poor behaviour of people in the gym. I cannot list the things that annoy me as I would be... read more

From the Desk of #1PG Ssshh, Its a secret but Men do it too….

Did you know that in the UK & the USA that four of the top Men’s magazines were about Health, Fitness and Working Out. In fact the Number One magazine on average is Men’s Health.  (The Lad’s Mags have dropped out of the top ten, pretty much but that’s a discussion... read more

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