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The Interview – The Perfect Job Quest – Part 6

Here we are standing outside the door of the office waiting to be admitted into that job interview. To get here we have journeyed for 6 weeks and by now should have done all the preparation necessary. Now is the time to put it all together and walk through the door... read more

Framing Rejection – The Perfect Job Quest (Part 5)

Before we go any further I think that we should tackle a subject that will inevitably come up in your quest for that Perfect Job: Rejection. Rejection happens all the time. We personally, reject things everyday from people, situations, food and events. Through our... read more

Initial Contact – The Perfect Job Quest – Part 4

You have been advancing well with your Job Quest. Over the last three weeks we have built together all the elements to get you ready to start going out and making contact with the employer of that potential fantastic job. We realise that it has been a lot of hard work... read more

Before you even Begin – 5 top tips on The Perfect Job Quest  (Part 1)

We are starting a series of articles that link with our Business Gentleman courses, the first is linked with getting that perfect job. Whether you are embarking on a career, climbing the ladder, or changing a career, the information in this series will help you become... read more

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