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Bye, Bye, Moustache – From the Desk of #1PG

During the Month of November I participated in the now annual event of Movember. I wrote about my reasons and motivations in a previous article here. This article today is about growing a moustache for the first time, my feelings about it and what happened when it... read more

From the Desk of #1PG – Movember and PG Update

We hope you enjoyed last week’s special remembrance articles for the centenary of World War I . We certainly had fun planning and writing them and we are very grateful for Robert Wilton’s contributions to the week. This week is one of our occasional updates with... read more

From the Desk of #1PG – Remembrance, Movember and Charity

Welcome to November, it is a busy month. The last full month of year before the slide of December to the Christmas Holidays. November is the month of Remembrance, where round the world we unite to remember the fallen men and women of the armed forces. This year has... read more

The Moustache, a Woman’s Perspective

I have a confession to make. I used to find moustaches scary. Seriously, chaps with moustaches were chaps to be avoided, at all costs! I mean, think about it. In all of those films with the damsels in distress, who is the villain tying her up to the railway tracks?... read more

Mustachio Film Review – The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The Grand Budapest Hotel. A film rich with style, charm and the art of the understated moustache. Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel is the tale of a glorious hotel’s consummate concierge Gusatve H. and his trusty lobby boy and loyal friend Zero Moustafa. Set in... read more

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