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Pocket Square

Ask Henry – Pocket Square Storage Dilemmas!

Question: Can you advise on good storage for one’s pocket squares?   From @matthewtgoddard   Answer: Dear Matthew, Thank you for your Question, it is a challenge for an ardent collector of Pocket Squares such as myself and #1PG – he has over 50, he is... read more

The Chief of Pocket Squares – Pocket Chief Review

“A beautiful silk pocket square may only cost a few pounds, but it adds a distinctive air of colour and individuality to a dark suit.” Zach Falconer-Barfield Many of the great fashion brands of our time were created by men and women who focused on one product and... read more

In Praise of Pocket Squares

If there is one thing that is my signature, then that is a pocket square. I adore them. I currently have about 50 of them in all different colours and patterns and I am very rarely, if ever seen without one in the top pocket of my jacket. The Pocket Square, is that... read more

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