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From the Desk of #1PG – Controversy & the Gentleman

“Why don’t you make comment about things like the situation in Iraq, Syria or comment on the Jennifer Lawrence hacking?” asked one person, quickly followed by “Why don’t you chase ratings with controversial headlines?”. During a discussion over coffee with a couple of... read more

From the Desk of #1PG – Consideration, the Gentle form of Respect

“The only true source of politeness is consideration.” William Gillmore Simms One of the reasons I started The Perfect Gentleman was my frustration with the lack of consideration that people show to one another. It is everything from thinking about whether the entire... read more

Guide to The Perfect Gentleman’s Manifesto – Respect

This series of articles will delve deeper into our Manifesto, not only why we picked these words to represent the Perfect Gentleman but how you can bring these things into your life. These articles are adapted from our forthcoming book, Becoming The Perfect Gentleman.... read more

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