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Summer Grooming Tips – Nail Your Summer Grooming Routine

Face the facts, fellas – you need to get yourself set for summer. Our new Male Grooming expert, Stephen Handisides, explains how to get it right with as little fuss as possible. These days the idea of a man doing a bit of grooming isn’t a big deal – thanks... read more

Bye, Bye, Moustache – From the Desk of #1PG

During the Month of November I participated in the now annual event of Movember. I wrote about my reasons and motivations in a previous article here. This article today is about growing a moustache for the first time, my feelings about it and what happened when it... read more

Mornin’ Glory – Shaving Review

‘Mornin’ glory’, these were the words that greeted me when I entered the office. A strange request I thought, not something The Perfect Gentleman should review. Despite my reservations I pushed on and found out that Morning’ Glory is a range of shaving... read more

Book Review – A Gentleman’s guide to Beard and Moustache Management

 “There was an old man with a beard,  Who said, it’s just as I feared!-  Two Owls and a Hen,  Four Larks and a Wren,  Have all built their nests in my beard!”  –       Edward Lear, Book of Nonsense So you have decided to take the plunge, I know it’s not... read more

Reflections on the Morning Routine

First thing in the morning is a time of utmost importance to the fashionable gentleman. Many men who enjoy their clothes and take pride in their appearance relish this time – its often the only point in a busy working day where one can find any time for himself.... read more

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