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A Guide to Summer Shoes

Summer is very much upon us with the warm weather drawing in, the smell of barbeque smoke drifting in the breeze and people flocking to beer gardens across the country. It was while frequenting my local pub that I noticed something, while the weather has adapted, most... read more

Summer Shoes – A Quick Style Guide

Summer is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere and hopefully the good weather (we pray) is here and our clothing is changing to the lighter materials and colours. Our thoughts turn to holidays and casual clothing, but footwear is a secondary thought to some. Gentlemen... read more

Joseph Cheaney & sons – Hand Made shoes

If a company has been making handmade quality shoes in the same British factory since 1896 you would expect to know their name. Yet Cheaney is probably one of the best British companies you have never heard of. It was in 1896 that Joseph Cheaney founded his shoe... read more

Considering Correspondents

I love correspondent shoes. The opportunity to step aside from the usual myriad of black wholegrain or chestnut calf and add some colour to one’s ensemble is a precious one. I can’t help but think however, that they more often than not, get a rather poor... read more

Handmade Dayton Boots

Dayton is that rare thing; a traditional, North American business that creates high quality, hand-made products for the modern market. The business was founded in British Columbia, Canada in 1946 by Charlie Wohlford, who was doing such a good job repairing loggers’... read more

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