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14 Items – A Gentleman’s Wardrobe

The 14 items are the essential items for any gentleman to have in his wardrobe. Building a Wardrobe In this article our aim is to show you what should be in your indispensable wardrobe, outlining the key fourteen items that you will need, which can be mixed for work,... read more

Building Your Wardrobe

Have you ever walked past ‘that guy’ in the street, the one that makes everyone turn and look as he swooshes by in his impeccable Saville Row suit, silk tie, Thomas Pink shirt and Church’s shoes. Have you ever wondered how he manages to hold himself so well in a... read more

Ask Henry – Dressing on a Budget

Question: Our question today comes from Twitter – If style budget is tight, how best to come across as stylish? @MalcolmLevene   Answer: Dear Malcolm, Thank you for your question, it is a very good and important question. I know the chaps at the Perfect... read more

A Gentlemans preparation for the Spring

In Preparation for the Season – Four Tips It seems that Spring has finally Sprung in the Northern Hemisphere, after a dreary winter full of unusual weather, it seems that the season new growth is upon us. Time for us Gentlemen to shed of the sloth and weight of... read more

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