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Internet shoppingFor those Gentlemen who would rather shop from home than battle it out with sale shoppers in person, the internet is the best place to do so.

The barmy world of special offers, discounts, flashing images and one-click payments can be a scary place, but don’t fear, there is a way to navigate the sale emblazoned pages to make sure that you don’t impulse buy your way to an empty bank account and a wardrobe of whacky clothes you’ll never wear.

The online shopping community is sales made easy. You can add multiple items to a virtual shopping bag, fill out your card details, and bam! no regrets. Well, there might be some. For this reason, what follows are handy tips on how to do it right.

Make Sure You Have A List

Go through your wardrobe and create a list of what you need. Not only is it easy to make a virtual list, but it’s also great fun. Here you can sort things into categories and include links to your favourite items so you can quickly access them when the sales begin. It also makes it easier to navigate websites because you can use the search bar to find a specific item directly.

Subscribe To Newsletters

Make sure that you sign up for your favourite brands’ newsletters. Although some may find weekly emails an annoyance, it’s usually possible to edit how often you receive them. They’ll also let you know about any in-store events or offers that are going on year-round. Most companies will invite you to sale previews, or at least let you know what date their sale starts. This way you’ll always be in the know.

Online Window Shopping

Another great way to prepare for sale launches is to put everything you want into a wish list or shopping basket. This makes it easier to keep track of items as it will be stored on the brand’s website. When the sales launch, you can log in and go straight to your wishlist without having to surf through all the tempting offers. Not only will this save you valuable time, but it will stop you scrolling through sale pages and adding items you don’t need.

Bulk Buying

One bonus about online shopping is that you can always return items that you don’t like. This makes it easier to bulk buy a selection, and choose what suits you and goes with your wardrobe. You’ll be able to try everything from the comfort of your home, and if you don’t like it, sending it back is a relatively painless experience. Buy things you like in different colours so that if they fit well, you have more than one.

It’s also a great time to stock up on basics such as underwear, t shirts, oxford button down shirts and lightweight jumpers. These all go into sale to make way for the next season’s versions. It’s also worth looking for work clothes such as suits, shirts, shoes and accessories. They can all be found up to half price in the sales.

Pick Up The Phone

It’s common for items to sell out quickly online once sales launch, but if you have the details stored on your list, don’t neglect calling stores to locate your favourite item. Just remember to be a Gentleman, call before or after peak trading hours (12-3) when they aren’t busy. Some brands have a product finder on their website, but those that don’t will usually have a till system in store on which they can locate a product for you.

Other Factors To Consider

If for some reason the end of season sales completely pass you by, do not fear. Some brands have an outlet section on their website which runs all the time. This is usually where excess sale stock goes, perfect if you’re looking for an expensive investment piece that the company produced too many of.

Bear in mind that most heavily reduced items won’t be seasonally appropriate. If you’re prepared enough to shop six months ahead of the season, you’ll be rewarded by what you find for a fraction of the usual price.

It’s also a great time to try out new things. If there’s a suede shoe you’ve been considering for ages, or a summer accessory that you haven’t wished to spend so much on, now’s the time to try it.

Whichever mode of sale shopping you prefer, make sure you’re prepared, and do it in style. The next time you leave the house, you’ll be kitted out in the season’s finest. Just remember, a Gentleman never tells.


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