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Pocket Chief“A beautiful silk pocket square may only cost a few pounds, but it adds a distinctive air of colour and individuality to a dark suit.” Zach Falconer-Barfield

Many of the great fashion brands of our time were created by men and women who focused on one product and after perfecting that product, they expanded out. Ralph Lauren loved ties, so he decided to start designing, making and selling ties in street markets and from his car. Calvin Klein started by selling leather jackets from a market stall. The rise of the micro brand gets us all excited at The Perfect Gentleman. Not only does it ensure a exquisite selection of a single item, but it is exciting to see the potential and imagine the future that the company has ahead.

Who is Pocket Chief?

Pocket Chief is a start-up company that designs printed silk pocket squares; the designs are many and the fabric majestic. The company ethos is based on “true gentleman with a warrior spirit.” As you can imagine, we like that, it’s a brilliantly simple statement that means so much to the modern man. Pocket Chief squares are the epitome of style, masculinity and individuality, all rolled into one.

Why Pocket Squares?

Pocket squares, like shirt studs, are an optional extra that is not necessary, but accentuates the style of the tuxedo, suit, blazer or overcoat. The classic pocket square was a white linen square, although this is still popular, coloured and printed pocket squares are storming ahead in the market. Essentially, a pocket square is the accessory that stands you apart from the rest, it helps add colour or texture to an outfit as well as highlighting colour combinations.

What I love about a pocket square is that you can be wearing the same blue Ted Baker suit as everyone else, with the same white Charles Tyrwhitt shirt and the same Red TM Lewin tie. But add a Red Fire Chief pocket square in to the mix and suddenly your entire ensemble stands out from the rest.

What makes their squares different?

With pocket squares hanging in every shop from Primark to Hugo Boss, what makes Pocket Chief’s squares different from the rest?

Well, the first thing you will notice is the box; it is simple but effective with a quality feel and ‘whump’ when you open it. It is similar to the experience of first opening a new iPhone; the packaging is simple yet premium. Next is the care instructions, normally these are sown onto a corner of the pocket square itself rendering one side unfit for viewing, limiting your fold choices. However, Pocket Chief’s are on a small card inserted into the packaging which gives you total folding freedom! Lastly, the pocket squares are broken down into three categories, the top end of which is aptly named the golden feather collection, as you actually receive a golden feather in the box! I know this has nothing to do with the actual product, but the attention to detail is incredible. I can assure you that you’re going to spend just as long appreciating the golden feather as the pocket square.

If the packaging hasn’t given it away yet, the products produced are of a very high quality with every square being made from silk, allowing you crease-free glossy designs, which is useful as the designs need to be visible, from the simple classic herringbone to patterned Paisley and the intricate Chief styles.

My favourite designs

I was lucky enough to be sent one square from each of the collections, and here are my favourites.

Pocket Chief-Classic RoseClassic Rose

Classic Rose is a light peach (looks pink in the photo) coloured pocket square with a herringbone pattern bordered by a solid white and pink strip boxing the square. The squares edges are folded back on themselves and sewn, giving a flush and slightly rounded edging to the square, which helps add rigidity for folding.

Pocket Chief_Paisley MidnightPaisley Midnight

A dark purple with a unique and beautiful paisley design helps this square stand out from the rest. The contrast between the dark purple, black and white helps break up the line of any suit you add it to, plus the dark colours allow you to use this square with a huge range of dark coloured ties and suits.


Fire Chief

Pocket Chief_Fire ChiefFrom the premium ‘Golden Feather Collection’, the Fire Chief square is a dark red inferno of colours, that depicts four Native Americans playing instruments to fan a large fire in the centre. The phrase “Bun with inner fire of unbreakable will” ring this scene. What I love about this pocket square (apart from its limited edition status) is the power it emits, everyone who has seen it takes a step back as though the sheer weight of the fire depicted has rolled over them. Plus, it has an effect on your psyche, lifting your confidence as you place it into your top pocket.  Needless to say, my power dressing city slicker friends are lining up by the hundreds!

If you have enjoyed hearing about Pocket Chief, please see their website to see their full range of pocket squares –


#3PG – The Pocket Square Chief

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