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Dream job signIt seems like a while since we started this journey on our Perfect Job Quest but we are coming towards the end with this penultimate article about a subject which is frequently forgotten by people who undertake this arduous journey and can very easily mean failure in the quest.

So here is The Perfect Gentleman’s advice to making sure that you will not falter on this final hurdle before the home straight.

At the End

Thank the person for their time and make a positive comment about something that occurred during the interview or the process as a whole.

Ask for a timeline for next steps or how the process will go from here. You can ask the interviewer or the HR person you have be liaising with you.

If your interviewer has not offered you a business card, which they should do, you should ask for one. If they are reluctant, don’t worry, just ask for the correct spelling of their name so you can write to them.

Ask if you can connect via LinkedIn and, if the answer is yes, do so within 48 hours. If not, smile and move on.

Immediate Aftermath

As soon as you leave, either find a quiet place to make notes or go home to do so. You should make notes of all relevant points and the names of everyone you interacted with.

Makes notes on such things as the topics of conversation; the specifics that are required for the job such as skills or personality traits. This will help you if you are required for a second interview. Make notes about your feelings and perceptions as well.

Remember to also note any particular traits or hobbies of the Interviewer. You can make reference to these in Thank You notes and further conversations.

Thank You Notes

Firstly, within 24 hours of the interview you should write a Thank You email, providing your contacts and also thank the person(s) who set up the interview.

Secondly, you should write a handwritten Thank You card individually to all the people in the chain who enabled the interview, for example the HR person, the Interviewer and anyone else. Though this can be seen as old fashioned by a few, the majority of people will appreciate it. Remember you must write and post it within 24 hours of the meeting.

As it is a card, there will be limited space for any words, so keep it brief and friendly. You can mention something that was discussed in the interview that was personal e.g. a golf game or sporting event.

Following Up

After the indicated Timeline, which you will have found out above, phone the relevant person. It is better to phone, you will get a better sense of tone and the situation with a voice. Be polite and concise, make it sound keen, professional and light in your tone.  If you have to email, follow the same method in written form.

Unless you are asked to, don’t follow up again. If you have not heard within a month, drop a non-committal email to the organiser with some relevant information for them such as an article or link. It is best to assume that you haven’t got the job and move on.

If you are asked for more information or a second interview, respond promptly. Treat the Second interview as you would the first and follow up in exactly the same way.

A Gentleman’s Hints

Handwriting – Not all of us are blessed with good penmanship, so if you are poor get someone to help you write the notes.

Stay in Touch – you never know when or where situations may change. Even if you don’t get the job an email once every few months will keep you in the mind of people, even if you have found another position.

Never Harass or Just Turn Up – No matter how keen you are, it will only be seen as desperate and wrong.


Hopefully, if you have followed all our advice to this point, you will have already made a good impression and found the right company fit for you, so this section is but Icing on the Cake.

Next week is our final part – Success and Beyond.

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