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lunch at valentines dayWell you have made it through the 1st date and you have more than likely had a few more since then and with Valentines looming we thought we would next tackle the special dates in your life. This can include Anniversaries, Birthdays or just a special occasion that you want to celebrate in style.

As we constantly say here at the Perfect Gentleman, a little preparation goes a long way and couple this with a healthy dose of listening to what your partner wants this will make it an occasion to remember.

Valentine’s Day itself was the a Christian festival to mark the beginning of spring and the feast, it is associated to romantic love through one of our Historical Gentleman, Geoffrey Chaucer. Originally it was about celebrating all types of love.

We have already written a handy guide for gentleman for Valentines day here, so peruse that before reading on. We shouldn’t need to remind you but just in case dress smart, be on time and well groomed.

The special occasions should be highlights, we always recommend wooing your partner all year round but sometimes a special day requires a special moment or two!

Planning & Forethought:

We have mentioned many times in our articles and on our courses that a little planning is a good thing. We know that rushing out to buy ‘Forecourt Flowers’ is not really going to cut it on the romantic stakes. So think about things and remember items, if your partner mentions something make a note. If you can’t remember directly then jot thoughts down in your journal or phone.

To give you an example, if your partner loves a particular Musician, find out when they are playing and then book the tickets. You might not go on the exact day but you can hand the tickets over then. The same is true for any type of entertainment.

Popular places, restaurants and events tend to book up early so do remember to do book otherwise you will suffer the fate of Jane Malyon’s husband (you can listen to the story here)

Mark dates in your diary that are special and meaningful to you both and put reminders in the calendar to help with the planning and forethought.

Traditional can be good:

Sometimes we can scoff at tradition and think it’s old hat, but we at the PG think it can be the best way.

If you are thinking, Red Roses, Chocolates, Champagne and a romantic candlelight dinner for two then that is just fine. In fact, if you haven’t done it before maybe it’s time that you did. These things are traditional for a reason, the reason is they are tried and tested.

Yes, they can be cliched if over done or indeed done without any feeling behind the actions, but do try it once in awhile.

Do Something Different:

If you want steer away from the Traditional, then all well and good, but some thought has to be applied to the date.

A tour of a Museum followed by Afternoon Tea? A Romantic Treasure hunt around your town? Whisking her off to a romantic weekend away without telling her where she is heading? Learning to cook with a top chef?

These are wonderful ideas, all of which we at the PG have done with success. Think about what makes the date special, and what would make your partner’s face light up in delight!

Studies show that great shared experiences are great for relationships and feelings of love.

So take the plunge and do something different this Valentines, but make sure it will be something you BOTH want to do.

Top Draw does not mean Top Dollar:

One of the big criticisms of Valentines Day is it’s over commercialisation and that is to a certain extent true. Prices for restaurants go up, the price of Roses treble and the Cost of Love just hits the wallet.

Spending a fortune does not have to be the case. You can establish a romantic meal for two in your home (if you have kids send them out, to bed, be with Grandparents). You can cook it together and make it a fun shared experience.

You can have a romantic walk in a park and share a hot chocolate or two. You can make a picnic (if the weather is better than London) and take it with you.

There are many ways and means to make the experience itself special and not have to spend a fortune doing it.

Indeed a Handmade card was the height of sophistication in Victorian times, so you could do that today.

Make it Personal, Make it Special:

As we have already said, the key to a successful special date, is indeed that…to make it special! The best way of doing that is tailor it to your partner and their likes and desires. It is even better if it is a shared passion or destination, those make the dates even more special.

One of my favourite recent dates with my wife was we went to get a new book signed by her favourite author, it was this author’s books was a key element to our bonding. The smile on her face when she met him was perfect and worth the 45 minute queue.

Make it personal to your partner and indeed you and your date will be wonderful not matter the challenges.

Sharing is Caring:

A special date is a shared date and though we have said all along that you should tailor it to your partner. The thing about the date is that you are spending it together. You are spending quality time with the person you love and care for the most.

So put the phones away, put the troubles and the day to day on the shelf, and just spend time with one another and remember all the things that you fell in love in the first place.

We hope that you have a most wonderful date and don’t forget at the very least buy a card!


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