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Champagne in bedYou have successfully navigated the dating waters for a little while with your new found love and now you broach the next level in the dating world, the weekend away.

We are the Perfect Gentleman, therefore we are not implying seedy and as we always stop at the Bedroom Door with all advice this is about the date itself. We assume you can take care of the rest.

The Weekend Away, is a date that means you are taking things to a new level, you wish to spend time with your partner, not just an evening or indeed a night but a longer period to see if both gel in this environment. The Weekend Away was very popular when people lived at home for longer and then during the later half of the 20th Century that changed somewhat but now we are back in the place when more people share houses and people live with their families longer once again. The Weekend Date is a great way to learn more and spend time in each others company without interruptions.

This date can morph or take the form of a longer holiday but we shall focus on the weekend for now.

Approaching the Idea:

Now it may seem old fashioned of us to put this section in but you never know and we would always err on the side of caution.

You have been dating for a little while and you may even have gone ‘beyond the bedroom door’ as we like to say, but for some people the idea of spending more than a short period of time together can be daunting.

Suggest the idea as an abstract to start with, such as mentioning a place and saying that would be nice to visit together. If the reaction is positive then not only do you know you are on the right track but you have an idea of a place to visit.

When are ready to ask, it is always good to have a suggestion in mind of the place to go and make sure your partner knows that you want to spend quality time with them.

Guess what…Time to Plan:

You might have heard us say this before but please do take the time to do a little planning and some listening.

Last minute can be fun and can lead to some great adventures, hopping in the car and letting you nose guide your way. I would highly recommend it, but even then you need to know that your partner likes those sorts of trips.

Finding out what kind of hotel, or locations she likes during the course of previous dates will give you plenty of ammunition for the weekend away. It always good to have an idea about what might work.

Also if you are doing a little planning, it can help with costs as we all know the earlier you book can be the cheapest option.

Town, Country or further afield?:

The question of where is somewhat a matter of personal taste, so we are just making a few suggestions to ease you along the path.

A trip to a major city in your country, if you are not from there,  can be an exciting adventure. It can combine shopping, a show and indeed a walk around the back streets to find a little cafe. Even if you live in a Big City sometimes spending a weekend in an area you don’t know can lead to all sorts of discoveries.

If you want to take it further afield, then a weekend in the country can be a beautiful distraction. A quaint Bed and Breakfast or a old Inn with a roaring log fire or a country manor with a spa retreat can cater for all different ideals. You can combine it with a historic landmark or just a walk in the woods.

If you have the time, budget and inspiration to travel then a weekend in a new city can be thrilling and inspiring. We highly recommend Taschen’s & New York Times 36 Hours series (they can be found here or at your local bookseller). Adding a lock to the  Pont de l’Archevêché in Paris or taking a Hot Chocolate in Vienna or indeed staring out over New York from the top of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, they all have their charms. Do though remember travel times and distances when planning these.

If you want something special then the great website Mr & Mrs Smith has some fantastic hotels around the world.


You are going away so you will need to pack (for actual packing tips and strategies we shall be doing those in our Travelling Gentleman columns). We suggest that you pack appropriate clothing for your activities, walking, sightseeing and the like. We suggest that you also pack something smart as you will be having dinner with your partner and it will be romantic.

As for your partner, unless it is a surprise, do give her a good idea about what you are doing or planning to do. So she may dress and pack appropriately.

If it is a surprise, give your loved one a good idea about the type of weather she will encounter and the type of activities you might do, you don’t want a panicked lady nor three suitcases for a weekend away as they pack for every eventuality!

In Event of Emergency:

Things can go wrong, both with the trip and the relationship. Thought we are loathe to put a negative in anything we do here at the Perfect Gentleman, we must prepare occasionally for a little rain to fall.

If the weekend doesn’t go to plan as far as events go, the best way to deal with it is to laugh it off and treat it as a great adventure. Life will always throw you obstacles and how you as a Gentleman and you as a new team deal with them will show a great deal about your character and the strength of your relationship.

If on the other hand, the weekend does not work on a personal level then, always be prepared to change your plans. Be polite and be a gentleman, settle your differences and agree to get through the weekend as friends.

Have fun:

The most important factor in this date is to have fun! Enjoy the time together. Put the phones away. The distractions and worries should be left behind. This is about the two of you actually ‘being together’ so spend the time and do it!

By the way, there is nothing to stop you doing these dates if you have been in a relationship longer than the first blush of love! Feel free to take these suggestions and tips on board and use them all the way through life….We at the Perfect Gentleman do!

This brings the end to this series of articles, if you want more or have any suggestions please leave a comment below.

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