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Bathing Suit Hanging From Skinny Dipping Sign at BeachWe have asked all our Code of the Gentleman contributors to tell us what is special about Christmas for them, their family traditions, the eccentricities and the little things that make Christmas unique. We hope you enjoy them and maybe you will start a new Christmas Tradition yourselves this year.

Simon Bullmore

Food – Christmas is our most traditional festival.  And I like it traditional on the food front.  Turkey yes.  Ham, why not? Add in a touch of goose and I’m in heaven.  Favourite Christmas tipple?  A whisky mac.  One measure scotch plus One measure ginger wine – equals heartwarming goodness.

We traditionally kick-off Christmas day on a Cornish beach, drinking a quick toast with a handful of hardy souls, followed by a dip in the winter sea.  I’m in the “run in manfully, run out screaming like a baby” camp.    Unlike some of the older contingent who seem content to paddle around chatting as if it were mid-summer in Cannes.  But a swig of whisky while warming up next to a log fire makes it a great way to start the day in skin tingling style.

Simon Bullmore is the founder of Richmond Socks, The fabulous online sock retailer

Lydia Foulkes

Such a special time of year,  but so sad how it has become so commercial. I went to Mexico for the first time years ago and they don’t give presents, they spend time together, of course I arrived with a sackful and sent everyone into a frenzy. They have Three Kings Day which is all about the children but families just head home to be with each other. Rather refreshing.

For me its a time of reflection, what went well, and what do I want for the new year, they are days I use to recoup and recharge after what has usually been a furious December.

Time with people you love, and just time to enjoy. The games and the walks and the beers in the pub around an open fire. I love to cook, but normally somewhere else so rarely get that chance. Probably a saving grace!

Lydia Foulkes is an successful business woman, who turned back to her passion for Tailoring to launch Perfectly Attired.  

Zach Falconer – Barfield

The Tale of My Mother’s Brandy Cream – One Christmas, to pour over whichever dessert you had  (not all in the family love christmas pud) Mother had made Brandy Cream Sauce. It was exceptionally more-ish and everyone was very merry after pudding, we was unusual as we are not a drinking household. What we discovered later was that my Mother, whilst doing the recipe for the Brandy Cream had misread and double the double measure and put a pint of brandy into the cream sauce …it is now infamous in our household…

The Tradition of the Massive Jigsaw Puzzle – we buy a large and 1000 piece puzzle and spend Christmas making it, it brings all the family round the table and is fun.

Zach Falconer – Barfield is the Joint Founder of the Perfect Gentleman

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