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The Perfect Gentleman is proud to do a Green Issue of the Magazine.Ai??Ai??

In this month’s Issue of the Magazine inspired by our follower & new contributor Matthew Bate, we cover Green Issues, Vegan Style and More.

Featured Gentleman – Matthew Bate on Sustainable Clothing

Groomed Gentleman – Sustainable Grooming Products

Romantic Gentleman – Romance in Green

A Gentleman Talks with Christina Sewell from PETA interviewed by Brian Sheridan

Travelling Gentleman – A Greener Way to Travel

Junior Gentleman – Manners for Young People

The Suited Chef – A Very Green Afternoon Tea

Our Man in the USA – Talks about Gentleman James

Cultural Reviews – We review Brazilian Cookbooks & Living Legends

The Perfect Lady – Talks Dating as a Vegan Lady

Head on over to the Magazine now –

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