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fullPGandgent copyWe are delighted to announce the first seven Perfect Gentleman Short courses (in addition to the Language of Lingerie). This is the first step on our mission to make the World a more Respectful, Stylish and Gentlemanly place… One man at a time.

Spaces on each course are strictly limited so sign up today to avoid disappointment.

Learn to plan, deliver and partake in a date to truly remember.

9 December 2013

13 January 2014

20 January 2014

Location: Central London

The Perfect Gentleman course will guide you through how to plan the perfect date, what to choose for any budget level. We guide you through how to engage with your date to make it as special for them and easy for you.

Full Details                                                                                Buy Tickets

The Perfect Gentleman’s guide to the British and their way of life

10 December 2013

Location: Central London

With all of Britain’s unspoken rules and complex eccentricities how is a newly arrived executive or a student expected to incorporate themselves into society?

The answer is The Perfect Gentleman’s guide to the British and their way of life. This short course will give you a grounding in all aspects of British life and help you to assimilate yourself into the British way of life so that you can be successful in your job while being relaxed and enjoying this great country.

Full Details                                                                                     Buy Tickets

Be Charming; Learn the skills to deliver fascination and a star personality

2 December 2013

21 January 2014

Location: Central London

Everyone thinks that being charming is something that you are born with, but we disagree. There are natural charmers but like everything in life charm is a skill and skills can be taught. We will guide you into becoming, as the dictionary defines it, fascinating, pleasing or attractive.

Full Details                                                                                    Buy Tickets

Engaging in Business

The Perfect Gentleman’s guide to the basics of Business Etiquette

15 January 2014

Location: Central London


The business world can be fierce and dynamic. You need an edge, but what is often forgotten at business school is that people deal with people and relationships are the building blocks to great businesses.

This Perfect Gentleman course is designed to take you through the basics of business etiquette and to advance you on your journey to becoming a better business Gentleman.

Full Details                                                                                    Buy Tickets

The Perfect Gentleman’s guide to the Perfect Shave

14 January 2014

Location: Central London

Knowing how to shave is something you have to learn. Working with our professional partners we will teach you all the elements of a great shave including the preparation of the skin, the correct preparation and application of shaving cream, the direction to shave to get the smoothest shave and the way to salve and moisturise the skin.

Full Details                                                                                    Buy Tickets

14 items, 1000 occasions, the affordable wardrobe

Learn how you can be perfectly attired for any social occasion, without breaking the bank.

16 December

Location: Central London


The 14 items, brings together influences of style new and old, casual and professional so as to create the basis of the ultimate affordable wardrobe.

The Perfect Gentleman team has designed this course to make the most impact in the shortest space of time, but with any skill it will take practice, so when you leave the room, you will leave with a new set of armour to take on the world….

Full Details                                                                                    Buy Tickets

Pick the Perfect Suit

Learn the art of choosing a suit, making it fit and look as if it was made for you in Savile row.

25 November 2013

Location: Central London

Do you ever pass a man on the street who has that perfect suit, crisp, clean cut, comfortable. You see him effortlessly cut through the crowd, while attracting admiring looks from women and men alike.

You probably think he is another patron of Savile row. A multi millionaire that has paid a small fortune for an expert tailor, well practiced in the art of tailoring and whose tailoring heritage hark back to Victorian times.

Well you may be right, however there are many men who are walking round in suits that cost under £300 and still receive admiring looks and wonderment. There secret is that they know how to Pick the Perfect Suit.

Full Details                                                                                    Buy Tickets

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