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PG logoWe, Gentlemen of the world, agree it is time to stand up and be counted. To build a better society, founded on long standing principles that have guided civilisation for over a thousand years.

We believe it is time to bring back grace, courage and integrity. Once again establishing the Gentleman, as the champion of the good, the pillar of honesty and the guardian of honour.

We will endeavour to educate all men to these guiding principles :

First, we must Respect our self, creating the solid foundation upon which we can grow.

We awaken Confidence within ourselves, so that others may look to our example and we may lead the way.

We are Determined to succeed, in all aspects of our lives.

We seek Knowledge, as a gentleman realises that to grow as a man,he must feed his mind as well as nourish his body.

The Gentleman will be strong, unearthing his Masculinity  so that he may defend himself and others when the need arises.

The Second level is to have Respect for all our fellow humans, showing appreciation for those around you.

Being Stylish is an external presentation of our impeccable convictions.

We embrace Chivalry, showing respect, courtesy and good manners, in all our dealings with every person.

With Charm we ease our interactions with others and make the world a more pleasant place.

We believe gentlemen succeed by cultivating Humility, rather than the pretentions of ego.

The Third and final level, we have Respect for the world at large and realise that all our actions, have an impact.

In life Courage armours us, to face our fears, adversities and challenges.

A gentleman has Honour in all his words, deeds and endeavours.

With Loyalty, we forge bonds which make us stronger than we are alone.

A gentleman must show Compassion in all his dealings, striving to help those who cannot always help themselves.

The gentleman will rise again and we will discover courage to live these values, the integrity to not be swayed and the grace to show others the way.

If you identify with these values, stand with us as we endeavour to take each step on this journey to become the Perfect Gentleman

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