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Below are the second eight gifts of our Gentleman Christmas gifts for yourself or indeed for the Gentleman in your life. Through this list of items we have tried to cater for all budgets and various different interests.


For the Dashing Gentleman

Monsieur London GLoves

Imagine you have just been asked to drive the Le Mans 24, or you have been left your grandfather’s vintage Bentley, well we can but dream… but you can still have part of that dream with these delicious driving gloves, you can even get them bespoke made.

From MonsieurLondon prices from £134


For the Invested Gentleman


Every man needs a good wallet or two, but if you are anything like #1PG’s step-father, who hasn’t changed his wallet since the pre-dark ages, it might be time to upgrade yours and make sure it will last the rest of your lifetime. We found this delightful one from Mulberry priced around £250


For the Gentleman on the Move

Hip flask

Need something to keep you warm whilst you watch the rugby or your favourite football team? A little nip of whiskey might do the trick. In our first list we suggested the whiskey to buy, but why not sip it from this cheeky little Hip Flask? From around £30/$45


For the Dapper Necked Gentleman

Green knitted tie

We could have gone for silk but we thought that, as it is winter, why not go for a great handmade knitted tie? Augustus Hare embodies style and sophistication in the tie world. Try their simplistic but bold Green Knitted Tie


For the Gentleman holding things together


You need something to keep those trousers up when you go into your fitness regime in the new year, get ahead of the curve. Try this Elliot Rhodes belt that will last longer than your diet.


For the Quintessentially British Gentleman


Want something special for your man, why not try a tailored suit? It is not as far out of your reach as you might think – made to measure suits can start as low as £600. It will be made to fit your gentleman and that will show, especially with the new swagger in his step.

With this thoughtful gift, he will cut a dash in the new year.


We have 2 friends that operate both in the UK and USA, they are both top notch.

Lydia & Lisa from Perfectly Attired

James & Ian from Cad and the Dandy


For the Classically Scented Gentleman


A great scent is not only for ladies but for us Gentlemen too and you need to experiment and try the occasional different scent. Why not try either one of these two scents both excellent for all day?

Try Dolce & Gabbana – The One for Men

Or  Floris No 89 (the favourite of James Bond author Ian Fleming)


For the Ecologically Stylish Gentleman

White Herringbone

We have given you a suit, a tie, and a belt, so you are going to need a shirt to complete the outfit, and we like the classic cut with green twist of the Arthur & Henry shirts. Using organic cotton and Fair Trade practices, we think they are worthy of fitting under your recycled Christmas tree.

Try the Classic White Herringbone.



For Gentlemen Everywhere


It would be very remiss of us not to include our little tome into the mix! It makes a very nice stocking filler…


Becoming the Perfect Gentleman




All at PGHQ hope you enjoyed this list and that you found something for the Gentlemen in your life.


We love to find interesting things, so if you have further suggestions please do send us the details.

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