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The Perfect Gentleman team have scoured the Internet and the shelves of various stores, and tried a few things along the way, to find you 16 items that could possibly grace your gentleman’s christmas stocking this year.

Here are the first 8 today…


Shoe shine kitFor the Toe Tapping Gentleman

A gentleman knows that his shoes say a great deal about him, so keep those shoes sparkling with a delightful Shoe Shine Kit. You can always get a reasonably priced one and then toddle off to a Master such as @ShoeshineUK to get a lesson or two.  From £15-50/$15-50

Go here for the UK

Go here for the USA


chivas-regal-18For the Sophisticated Sipping Gentleman

Whiskey has long been a staple for the gentleman, it’s association with comfort, sophistication and smoothness keeps it both enticing and bankable.

Why not try this Double Gold Medal winning whiskey from Chivas Regal, their 18 year old Gold Signature

From all good stockists around £50/$70


Business card caseFor the Entrepreneurial Gentleman

Even in this digital age, the business card is a valuable tool. It talks of your brand, it shows who you are and how to get hold of you on all those digital platforms.  How you carry those cards says a great deal too. For a modern sleek look, why not choose this Business Card Case or go vintage on Etsy

Prices Range from £10-30/$15-45


Delonghi_EspressoMachineFor the Perky and Refined Gentleman

Every Gentleman loves his tea, but he also knows the value of a good cup of coffee. The world has been built on the back of coffee beans and having your favourite cuppa in your own home will make those the morning-afters that little bit smoother.

Our choice is the Delonghi Icona Vintage Pump Espresso Machine, which works with both capsules and ground coffee, makes a perfect cup.

Available from all good retailers around £100 or $250


sharp_dapper_shirt_stays-404_1024x1024For the Smooth Fronted Gentleman

Shirt Stays, they might seem strange, but if you want to stay sharp and smooth all day long and well into the night, there is nothing better that a pair of shirt stays. We love them here at the PG, they can make a stylish gentleman, who may seem to have everything, even more sleek.

Sharp & Dapper ship there Shirt Stays worldwide – Price £18


cravat-club-silk-ascot-tie-mens-accessories-british-cravats-made-in-britain-menswear-woven-jacquard-cravats-for-men-camo-camouflage-print-benedict_massiveFor the Cravat Friday Gentleman

2014 has once again seen the rise of the cravat (ascot) to stylish neckwear choice of men about town. Let your gentleman be the height of sophistication in 2015 as he dons his cravat every friday.

There are plenty to choose from at and they ship worldwide.

Prices from £60


Keith FloydFor the Suited Chef

Keith Floyd took cooking out of the kitchen and onto the road, always with a glass of something to hand. Part cookery exploration, part travelogue, they are great programmes even today and this collection encompasses all his television series. He was a Gentleman Cook and fun to watch even when things went wrong…

From Amazon from around £30


Stay tuned for the next set of Gentlemanly Gifts….


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