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QueueFrom the Desk of #1PG

I have been wanting to write about this for sometime but an incident at the weekend launched me into this article and is inspired by Mrs #1PG. So thank you for getting me to write this missive!

We were part of a queue this weekend, Mrs #1PG went to a Book signing of her favourite author, we were there early and the queue was a little disorganised. Indeed it crossed an area which people would come and go through. My wife and I were at one of the 2 points of crossing the queue for some 3o minutes. I have to say I was most shocked by the lack of manners and basic politeness that occurred.

During the 30 minutes we were there we must have been passed some 50 times and of all those times we had only 5 “excuse me”or “I’m Sorry”. 5 just 5 that is only 10% and the majority of those 5 were ladies! It was an appalling show of manners, in the end it became amusing as we laughed about it and talked of the article I would write.

Some raised their eyebrows as they approached, as if this was enough, some put their arms out as if they were trying to part the way ahead and some just barged through, none said a word. In fact there were a couple of people who kept coming back and forth and said nothing. This included staff for the venue, people involved with the event and just general public.

As you know we are all about the basics here at The Perfect Gentleman, its the little things that matter, the please, the thank you and excuse me. It costs you nothing to say but air and yet it makes all the difference.

How often when you walk along the street and you come to a narrowing and you let someone through do they say ‘Thank You’. I can bet not frequently. I know I always let people pass and I can probably say the same statistic is true, I only get a 10% of people saying something, occasionally I get a nod and sometimes even a smile!

I know London, like all major cities is a busy place of getting to where you are going but getting there with some grace and good manners won’t get you there any slower and probably happier.

I remember once I was letting some people go through a narrowing on a pavement. An older gentleman was a few steps away and I could have rushed through but I waited and let him pass. He turned and said, ‘Thank you, most kind, have a good day” I was shocked as none of the others had even acknowledged my act but he had and made a point of it. I had a bounce in my step for next part of the day.

These words make people feel better and if you feel better you do better and the world moves more smoothly with a little grease of grace!

So think next time about the Politics of Passing and just say Thank You!

Respectfully yours as always,

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