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We are have just completed our second Sunday Taste event yesterday and it was a rip roaring success. We had great Cheese brought to us by Borough Box and stimulating conversation courtesy of Gareth Davies, Sports Journalist & Broadcaster.

What is the Sunday Taste? Well The Perfect Gentleman and the Edward Sahakian Cigar Lounge, inspired by cigar aficionado Emanuel Brefin decided to create a different cigar experience and event, we collaborated to come up with ‘The Sunday Taste’. Our new cigar tasting series that will tickle your taste buds in original and exciting ways. Unlike traditional cigar pairing events we wanted to challenge your palettes without alcohol and your minds with conversation. With Mike Choi’s great knowledge we will pair everything from coffee to chocolate and cheese, with classic cigars.


The afternoons are hosted by The Perfect Gentleman, whose mission is to make the world a more respectful, stylish and gentlemanly place. Special surprise guests will also join us from time to time to talk about a variety of topics including journalism, sport and more. Join us one Sunday a month throughout the year, where we push the boundaries of your experience and your appreciation.

We wanted to let you know what we had in store for the next 2 months of Sunday Taste events before we take a summer break for August and renew the events in September.

June Edition –  English Cream Tea – Sunday, June 14th

What is more quintessentially English than Tea, and therefore we thought we had to do something with Tea, so we turned to our great friend, Jane Malyon and her fabulous, The English Cream Tea Company.

The English Cream Tea Company deliver Cream Teas to your door anywhere in the UK but they have gone one step further and developed an amazing range of Teas & Jams. Indeed one of their fabulous Tea blends is inspired by an ancestor who was involved in the trade of tea and tobacco but I won’t spoil the story, so as to let Jane tell you more.

Alongside the great teas and jams we will be sampling a great cigar, which might have been named after a great British statesman, but we can’t say anymore.

Not only will we have great Tea, Jams and Cigars but also another great conversation guest. Who we are keeping quiet about now but if you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you will be the first to know!

For more information head here – /

Book your place immediately then head here –


July Edition  –  Summer BBQ – Sunday July 19th

This July we are taking the Sunday Taste on the road as we thought we would brave the British Summer and attempt a Barbeque! We are hosting it at the private residence of a great friend of The Perfect Gentleman in South West London, a hop skip and a jump from the river Thames.

We will be once again joined by Borough Box, who after their triumphant cheese outing in May will be back this time providing some of the best Meat in the UK with Rare Breed Beef, Lamb & Pork. All prepared by a Master Butcher and the cooked over the flames to bring out their great flavour.  Our very own Suited Chef, will be whipping up some salads and side dishes that will tantalise and delight your taste buds.

Mike Choi & Manny Brefin will be choosing TWO cigars to go with this feast of fabulous meat. I am sure that the great Cigar Sommelier and the Gentleman’s Aficionado will pick some spectacular cigars.

As this is a Barbecue, we will bend our normal rule and bring an alcoholic drinks partner for the Event. We are just confirming who that will be but we assure you it will be something special.

And to top it all off, we will be having a very special Conversation guest, who we will reveal as soon as we can!

Due to the special nature of this event we have very few places and we are limited to 20 spots – so please do book your place early.

For more information head here – /

Book your place immediately then head here –

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