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A combination skin is one which has various different skin zones across the face.  Many men have this type of skin which usually presents as a “t” shaped area across the forehead, down the nose and onto the chin.  This skin type is generally oily and possibly prone to breakouts, whilst the rest of the face has dry or normal skin.

The Refinery - Gentleman shaving

Many guys find this type of skin difficult to deal with – do they buy 2 sorts of face wash etc. or can they find a wash that will deal with the open pores and blackheads of the “t” zone, whilst at the same time not drying out the cheek area.  Don’t panic – there are products on the market such as Refinery Face Wash which will thoroughly cleanse the skin without stripping the oils from the dry areas.  Follow this with Refinery Mattifying Moisturiser which helps normalise excessive oil and leaves the skin fresh and hydrated.  You can also use the Refinery face scrub on the “t” zone once a week to give a booster cleanse .
Alternatively, Aromatherapy Associates Balancing range will help control the oily areas of skin without damaging in the normal/dry areas.

This type of skin is very common in teenagers but can continue through twenties and even thirties.  If blackheads are a problem, steaming your face over a bowl of hot water which has had a few drops of T Tree Oil poured in will open the pores.  You can then use the scrub over the “T” zone, gently massaging it into the skin for a minute.  Rinse off with warm water and follow with a gentle moisturiser.  Gentle exfoliation of the skin after a steaming, allows the pores to open and deep down dirt and grime can be washed away.

Guys – you make be thinking that this all seems like too much hard work!  It isn’t – just get into a routine every morning and evening and it will literally take a couple of minutes to do this.  Maybe you could add it to your shaving regime.  Once a week, after your shave, use the scrub on the “T” zone whilst still in the shower.  Work across the forehead, down the nose and chin and then rinse.  That’s all it usually takes to deal with combination skin.  What you don’t want to do is stimulate the oil production of the “T” zone whilst drying out the other areas of the face.

At the same time, don’t think that oily skin cannot be moisturised.  Using a mattifying moisturiser will allow hydration of the skin without exacerbating oil production.  Skin has to be moisturised daily and, in the summer, it is important to choose a moisturiser that also has a SPF factor in to protect skin from the sun.
I know it may seem mad in an English climate but the sun can still be strong and, especially guys who work outdoors, it is essential that you l have sun protection on your face.  

Deborah Gayle
General Manager
The Refinery

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