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man_getting_haircutI have a weakness for a good barber. Personally, I adore the experience from the Shampooing to the Barber’s concentration as he snips your hair, the hot towels and the feeling of the blade against your skin.

As with all our Top lists, they are in particular order and we always test the products and services ourselves or by our friends and we ask around. For details on all the current locations and prices please go to each companies website.


Murdock’s has become a fixture on the London Barber Scene in a very short space of time. They could be described as the ‘Cool’ or indeed ‘Hipster’ barbers on our list.

There staff are dressed exceptionally and though can be a bit aloof, provide an excellent service. Some of our Testers swear by them and would not go anywhere else. They also have a particular expertise with the Beard. The whole experience was first class and the haircut and shave was down with practiced efficiency.

Murdock is certainly not the cheapest of the barbers on our list but not the most expensive either.

The PG Says – The Modern Gentleman’s Choice

The Ottoman Lounge (Ted Baker’s Grooming Rooms)

Ted Baker branched out and took to grooming and they have done it well. They have opened their 7th Ted Baker’s Grooming room, very recently. We are specifically dealing with their premium service, The Ottoman Lounge.  It is tucked below one of their regular shops in Bloomsbury.

The Staff are all Turkish and are exceptionally efficient, friendly and the constant buzz of Turkish chatter flies around the room. Our Testers had a very good hair-cut with them and thoroughly enjoyed the Wet-Shave experience with all the ‘Turkish Barber’ trimmings.

The Ottoman Lounge is the best value on the list.

The PG Says – The  Aspiring Gentleman’s Choice

The Refinery

The Refinery is as it’s name suggests refined, situated opposite Claridges in a discrete townhouse. It is a stylish and discrete oasis in Mayfair for the man about town. The staff are all experts in their fields. You can also find them at Harrods.

Our Testers enjoyed the calm and individual service that resembled a fine restaurant. Both the Haircut and Shave were expertly done and with flair and proficiency. The whole experience made them feel that they were in with the elite but the elite that don’t tell their secrets.The Secret is out the Refinery is a gentlemanly place.

A haircut at The Refinery is a significant investment, check out all of their other grooming services.

The PG Says – The  Refined Gentleman’s Choice


Brent Pankhurst, the founder of Pankhursts, has a new home near Carnaby Street and it fits him and his style to a tee. Slick, Cool and modern style, just like the man himself.

Our Testers had an expert haircut, enlivened by some entertaining conversation with the Man himself.  His style judgement was just right and  the wet shave was quick and smooth. Some of our Testers have been following him through his various locations for 10 years, that says a lot about the man.

Pankhurst sits firmly in the middle of the prices on our list.

The PG Says – The  Cool Gentleman’s Choice

Gentleman’s Tonic

One of the Modern Mayfair Mens Salons, sleek, modern and urban. The Gentlemen’s Tonic is probably the most modern in feel of all on our list. You can tell it has style links to it’s sister establishment in Hong Kong.

Our Testers praised the feel and vibe of the place and the slickness of the staff. The HairCut was smooth and sleek as was the Wet Shave. Some of our Testers were impressed enough to stay for a massage.

The Gentleman’s Tonic is in the Upper Bracket of the Price Range.

The PG Says – The  Urbane Gentleman’s Choice

Geo F Trumper

If you want classic and old school, there is only one place to go in London and that is Trumpers. Situated in the heart of Mayfair, it’s clientele range from the old school gentry to the Hedge Fund Manager.

Our Testers praised the whole ambiance of the place and the all the traditional flavors and nuances that the place embodies. The staff are all old school guys most of whom have been there a very long time. The Haircut was effective but the wet shave stood out as one of the best that we had come across.

Trumpers is like stepping back into a previous generation, just classic. 

The PG Says – The  Classic Gentleman’s Choice

If this has inspired you and you want to learn how to be a Barber please visit our good friends at The London School of Barbers – Also you can get a FREE Haircut or Shave form their Trainees!
Our Guide to the Top Barbers in London for our special Beard & Hair week will also be in our future PG Guide to London – which will be available towards the end of 2014

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