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Dear Henry,

As an aspiring Gentleman I am doing my best in aspects of style, manners and other things that you mention.

One thing that makes me see red is the really poor behaviour of people in the gym. I cannot list the things that annoy me as I would be here all day. Do you have some Gym Etiquette tips that perhaps I could perhaps hang up at the gym?

Yours desperately,

Gym Gentleman

London, UK



Dear Gym Gentleman,

You have hit upon a rich vein of poor gentlemanly behaviour! It is one of the reasons I stopped going to them, I now partake of exercise in my house and outdoors as the horrors of poor gym etiquette makes my stomach turn.  As you rightly point out the list could be endless from wet towels carelessly tossed on the floor at your feet; leaving sweat drenched gym equipment; taking up enough space in the changing room so it looks like you are planning to invade Ukraine; as you say, the list could go on!

My most memorable gym experience, for all the wrong reasons, was at a gym in Central London, where on top of some of the things I mentioned above, one chap proceeded to clip his toenails, clean various orifices with earbuds and stand stark naked in front of the mirror blow drying his whole body, everywhere. I mean every nook and cranny. It was such a train wreck my chin hit the floor and I was dazed for the rest of the day with the horror, indeed I was put off my food.

So, yes, a little Gentlemanly guide to Good Gym Behaviour is certainly in need. It is in effect very very simple. So here we are:-

– Wipe Down Equipment after use

– Put Equipment back after you have used it, where it belongs

– If someone is on the piece of equipment you want and you can’t wait, move on! Improvise, adapt; It will probably be good for your workout.

– If you are not using a machine, do not sit on it and prevent others from using it

– Do not use your mobile phone in the gym

– Do not talk to someone while they are exercising

– Keep your clothing, towels and all other items to yourself and judge the amount of space you need to the size of the changing room

– The Changing Room is not your home bathroom. Treat it as if you were staying at a favourite aunt’s house and showering there

– Finally, Think of Others!

So Gentleman, exercise is good for the mind and the body. It will keep you young and healthy, but don’t forget your manners when you walk through the gym door.

I am now going to try and erase that memory of that Man in the Gym with a good long jog.

Toodle Pip!


Uncle Henry
If you have a question for Uncle Henry email or #askhenry on Twitter @ThePGentlemen

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