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In this article, we look at some instances where the art of Wooing really has been neglected. There are some basic rules of dating which have been broken and here is what happens when they are. (All of these anecdotes are taken from the ivillage website.)

1) Toyota Matt (4/64)

A lady recalls a date with a man who would ask her a question, she would respond and then ask him a question to which he would only answer monosyllabically. Obviously, this man did know the fine art of communication on the first date. Something which would come naturally to the Perfect Gentleman.

2) Invoice Me (10/64)

A lady recalls a date with a man who when the bill arrived, said that he wanted to either split the bill or that she would ‘treat’ him the next time they went out together. Two mistakes here. Number 1, the Perfect Gentleman always pays for the bill. Full stop. Number 2, he assumed there would be a second date without even asking or waiting to see if this was the case. The Perfect Gentleman would never do this.

3) From Mr Perfect to Mr Pathetic (13/64)

A lady recalls a date with a man whom she thought was ‘the perfect gentleman’. Smart, cool, cultured and interesting. He took her to a wonderful restaurant and she was having such a lovely time that she decided to say yes to his suggestion at continuing the date in another place where they served delicious ice-cream. On the way there, however, the man pointed to a place where he said his ‘ex’ used to live. He proceeded to tell this lady about his ‘ex’ who had betrayed him and ‘ripped his heart out’. Needless to say the present lady’s image of this man totally disintegrated on the spot and she did not go out with him again. The Perfect Gentleman is aware of his situation and does not proceed to tell the lady he is with about a previous love disaster.

And there are countless more ‘dating disasters’ out there. These three anecdotes show that most men in society nowadays from all walks of life have lost the art of Wooing. It is clear that some men nowadays live in a culture of ‘instant gratification’ where they expect a ‘yes’ for very little care and attention. This applies in particular to young men who are used to dealing with technology like the internet where ‘instant dates’ seem to be available like a product off the supermarket shelf.

The conclusion is, you should relax and accept that building a real relationship take time. The Perfect Gentleman is also the perfect wooer and the thrill of wooing lies within the chase. It takes, time, care and attention.

And it is an art that the Perfect Gentleman knows is worth possessing.

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