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Indeed. Why should men be gentlemen? Perhaps this question can be answered by posing another question: what is the alternative? An uncivilized, wild brute with no sense of hygiene, no education, no sense of self-worth, no sense of purpose. In short, a person with no life?

Men should be gentlemen in order to be complete human beings. To be civilized as opposed to being wildly out of control. Of course, I understand that we all enjoy the ‘wild’ side of life at times and I am by no means encouraging repression. However, I do believe that the fundamental difference between animals and human beings is that a human being can be civilized. Indeed, it is the duty of a human being to be civilized. To be a Perfect Gentleman. A human being learns to be civilized through education, family and culture. We can all learn to be ladies and gentlemen, one man and one woman at a time. That is what our society, what it means to be human, is all about!

Since the beginning of evolution men have been the hunters of the pack. They are the ones who went out into the icy storms and tracked down the meal of the day in order to provide for the ladies at home. In the past, fearless warriors led their armies against the invading barbaric hordes in order to protect their precious pride and joy at home. They were also learned men who attended court and who wrote treaties for civil rights and researched the cosmos to give us the basis of science and the arts today. Nowadays, I believe, it is the same sort of thing. The same basic principles of being a gentleman apply: valor, strength, intelligence, responsibility… to be a warrior, a provider and a protector and to be cultured and interesting to talk with.

Of course, now women have careers and education and many more wonderful activities available to them… so quite frankly, we could ask ourselves, why do we actually need men? Why do we need men at all nowadays? This, surely, is an even stronger incentive for men to be the Perfect Gentleman. Men need to stand out and prove themselves to us! Nowadays, ladies do not have to settle for less. We have high standards. In the past, women were dependent on men since there was no education or political power, no money or careers available to them. But now there is. So that dependency has waned and with it our standards have risen.

The human being may not be perfect but I believe in a profound purpose we all, male and female, share in our lives and that is to strive for perfection. Perfection, I think, means to aim high, to develop our higher skills and to maintain high standards.
This is an exhilarating adventure in itself, full of challenges and treacherous twists and turns – just like so many heroes (fictional and non) have had to face and endure in the stories of the past.

Ladies, we have been doing this since the beginning of time. When Eve first took the bite out of that apple, she didn’t get a computer named after her, she got tarnished with the label ‘sin’ for the rest of her life and beyond! Now with career, education and  the kids, I think it is time to put our feet up and take a well-deserved rest. Hopefully, this rest will be in a hot a scented bath (with bubbles!) prepared by our Perfect Gentleman!

I hope this article has given you an idea of why you men should be perfect gentlemen. It goes beyond the physical and the primitive and blossoms into the higher self, that civilized and complete human male being which is so attractive to us ladies. To be a gentleman, in my view, is to be a complete human male being. Just as a lady is to be a complete human female being. A man who has aims and is developing his higher self whilst, indeed, keeping in touch with his ‘wild’ side has got to be one of the most attractive examples of humanity a female Goddess encounters.

A Perfect Gentleman.


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