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Young handsome stylish man posing indoorSome weeks ago I wrote an article describing how a ‘Gentleman’s chest swells with pride’ when he is told by a friend or colleague that he is a Gentleman. I have to say that I didn’t imagine it could get much better than that but I was wrong.

This week I headed off for my twelve year old son’s parent’s evening. He has just started at a new school so it was a whole new regime of teachers and a complete new ‘speed dating’ type routine to be handled as we charged round meeting all his new teachers.

Among other things we sat and listened to details of the spelling ‘challenges’ he faces (sounds just like his Dad I heard his mother whisper under her breath) and heard how his algebra could be better.  He was also described as being sensible, but not in a geeky way, he apparently knows how to have fun but we were told that he also knows the difference between right and wrong and he avoids getting into trouble when others are headed into naughtiness.

So all good so far, if he knew everything he wouldn’t be at school and some twists and turns along the educational path of a youngster are quite natural.

But the high point of the evening for me came when we approached yet another new teacher and sat ourselves down for our five minute catch up. She greeted us like long lost friends and started to tell us what a charming young man he was, in fact she referred to him as a ‘Young Gentleman’. As a father I have to say I grew a little and was absolutely delighted to hear that the education my wife and I have given and chosen for our youngest son should be regarded by a third party as turning out a young Gentleman.

He is well organised and hardworking, all of these things are quite unusual in one so young, but having him described as a Gentleman was a wonderful surprise.

It’s been very interesting to review some of the answers given by the interviewees in our Gentleman Talks Series of interviews and to realise how many of the men and women we have interviewed; when asked who they thought of as an iconic Gentleman have referred to their own fathers.

What is critical for all of us with potential young Gentlemen at home is to realise how important it is for them to see the way we act as a model for them. Young men look up to their parents and learn habits and behaviour, both good and bad so it’s important to pass on the very best habits and behaviour to the next generation of ‘Young Gentlemen’.

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